Exclusive Nightcore Playlists

Here you can find the best and most exclusive Nightcore playlists. Nightcore is a genre of music derived from eurobeat and trance, characterized by a faster and happier sound. Our playlists are created by professionals and handpicked for the best Nightcore experience.

What is Nightcore?

Nightcore is an electronic music genre that originated in Norway in the early 2000s. It is a sped-up version of trance music, with faster tempos and higher pitched vocals. Nightcore music is often characterized by its upbeat and happy sound, as well as its catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics. Read more

Why choose our Nightcore Playlists?

We offer exclusive and up-to-date Nightcore playlists, created by professional DJs and music producers. Our playlists are designed to give you the best Nightcore experience, with the latest and greatest songs available.

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