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What is Nightcore?

Brief introduction to Nightcore

Nightcore is rhythmic music. By increasing the tempo and key of a song, it becomes a Nightcore song. Fast tempos and/or high-pitched vocals are typical. Powerful sound and captivating voices heighten the feelings we get when listening to music. That's why Nightcore has a huge fan base that is growing even more!

In the beginning, most electronic music became nocturnal. But today almost every song has a Nightcore version, regardless of its musical genre. Upbeat pop and rock sounds great too! Try it out and listen to some Nightcore songs. Good music and beautiful anime girls... What more do you want?

Nightcore anime images

Nightcore is strongly connected to Anime. If you've ever watched a Nightcore video, you've probably seen a cute anime girl or a cool anime wallpaper. We asked some artists and fans to explain why they love the combination of Anime and Nightcore. The most common answer: High-pitched voices suit anime characters very well. The world of Anime is a paradise for many people. Maybe the cute voices and cheerful sounds of Nightcore will bring you a little closer to this amazing world.

How to do nightcore

Creating your own Nightcore song is quite simple. You just need to increase the tempo/pitch of a certain song. You can do this using audio software. The fastest way to our custom nightcore creator. Sign up on our website and get access to nightcoremaker! Once this is done. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the original song (for example, using YouTube to MP3 to download a song from YouTube)
  2. Go to our nightcore creator in your profile, select the audio file you just downloaded and click "Create Song")
  3. Wait while the file is converted and click "Download" to download your song accelerated.

Now you have your own Nightcore song! If you want to upload it to YouTube, you need to insert a nice picture of the Anime and maybe add some visual effects.

There are many people who enjoy listening to Nightcore songs or enjoy creating them. The community contains a lot of people trying to find songs that sound better like Nightcore and upload them. People like it: Millions of fans have subscribed to different Nightcore channels and listen to thousands of Nightcore songs. No one can resist the charming voices and happy sounds!

The community is growing more and more and that's why we created nightcore.fun! We want to be the first stop for Nightcore fans around the world! We all love anime and nightcore: let's enjoy them together!

Read more about Nighctore on the official wikipedia page!

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